Integrity & Compliance

Acting with integrity, responsibility and lawful conduct is an integral part of our corporate culture at CARIAD. They form the basis for our actions.

We take responsibility – as a member of society, as a business partner and in the workplace


At CARIAD, we use a Compliance Management System (CMS) in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

Our CMS reflects the principles, measures, processes and structures that must be permanently established and continuously improved in order to comply with laws and counteract systematic misconduct.


For us, setting an example of integrity means doing the right thing in our professional environment out of our own conviction.

Integrity, transparency and fairness are crucial to creating credibility and trust in business transactions. We therefore attach particular importance to consistently implementing and clearly communicating the legal framework, internal Group guidelines and corporate values.


CARIAD is part of Volkswagen’s Group-wide Compliance and Integrity Program Together4Integrity (T4I). With this initiative, we are pursuing the goal of anchoring integrity as a self-evident part of the corporate culture and thus strengthening the trust of employees, customers, business partners and the public in the company.

Code of Conduct


Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement